# 2020-01-10 (1.1.2)

There is a new widget: Website (opens new window) (Iframe). This makes it possible to include websites or web applications without a designated widget. However, many websites do not allow to render their page in an iframe (via CSP or X-Frame-Options). Personally, I am using this widget to include Todoist (opens new window) and my own Etherpad (opens new window) instance.

Previously, changing a widget setting was reflected immediately, without a way to revert the change. Now, widget settings can be cancelled in the modal. This change does not apply to the general settings modal, yet.

The UI language is now auto-detected. If the browser uses a supported language (currently English and German), it will be used by default. The language can still be changed in the settings modal afterwards.

I've also improved the documentation. Among others, I have split the widget documentation into separate files. This will make it possible to link to a widget's help page directly from the dashboard in the future.

The Storybook is now hosted (opens new window).