# Roadmap

This is the project's idea hub. Smaller tasks are listed as GitHub Issues.

# Vision

Like with most side projects, the idea for this project came from my own desire to have a single place to see all my relevant data. For example, I'm working with a todo manager, checking my calendar events or looking up the weather forecast. I also like to monitor stuff.

My personal goal is to have a dashboard with all the integrations I find useful to myself, but also create widgets other people might need. I also like to challenge myself technically with topics that I'm not familiar with.

This project is neither meant as a startup, nor do I have any plans to monetize it, yet. It might change in the future, but the project will remain open-source forever.

# Features and improvements

# Custom background image

A user test has shown that users like using a custom background image to personalize the board. It should be possible to both select an external URL and upload an image. A predefined selection of some images (or even patterns) would be nice.

# Redesign widget drawer

The current widget drawer is not practical. Here are some ideas:

  • Widget search/filter to quickly find a widget.
  • Widget description should be added, because the name alone might not tell the user what the widget does.
  • Add a link to the documentation page for even more information.
  • It's probably a good idea to use the new Drag from outside feature for simply Drag&Dropping new widgets onto the board.
  • With more and more widgets, the categories should be reworked as well.
  • Maybe highlight "most used" widgets.

# Multiboard support

Currently, only one fixed board can be used. Adding more boards to be able to switch between multiple views would be great. Automatically switching between the boards after x seconds might be a nice addition.

# Accounts support

All data is being stored on the user's device. This is really nice from privacy perspective, but inconvenient for syncing between devices.

# Widget ideas

Here's a list of rough widget ideas and integrations. They may or may not be implemented in the future.

  • Tasks, Todo list
    • Local
    • 3rd Party (Todoist, Trello, GitHub Issues, ...)
  • Calendar, Next events
  • Weather forecast
  • Countdown
  • Timer
  • Pomodoro Timer
  • Time tracking
  • Bookmarks, Static Marks
  • Random image
    • As a standalone widget or as part of the existing Image widget
    • Unsplash API
  • Video
    • YouTube, Vimeo, ...
    • This widget should be interchangeable with the Website widget. Something like Iframely could be used to get the Iframe URL for any URL.
  • Graphs/Charts
    • They should support any (external) data source and a simple way to define a data:graph mapping.
  • Map
  • Animations
  • Soundboard, Background Sounds (Noisli, MyNoise)
  • Quote (daily or slideshow)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Daily tips
    • "Chemical Element of the day" already exists
    • More integrations from Tip of the Day
    • IMDB movie tips
  • Server Administration
    • Status Page, Uptime
  • GoAccess statistics
  • PM2 status
  • GitHub / GitLab integration
  • NPM statistics
  • YouTube Statistics
  • GoodReads API
    • e.g. reading progress, library size
  • Calculator
  • Plex intergration
  • Whiteboard (for drawing)
  • Currencies exchange rate
  • Stock Trading
  • Man pages
  • Launchpad (Music Pad)
    • Pressing a widget makes a sound
    • Placing multiple widgets enables a Launchpad functionality
    • See Online Launchpad and Tone.js
    • Find good royalty-free samples
  • Advent calendar
    • Place 24 widgets with different hidden goodies (links, images, ...).
  • Conway's Game of Life
  • Mini Games
    • Cookie Clicker
    • Tamagotchi

Many more integrations ideas can be found in other products, e.g.: