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Like with most side projects, the idea for this project came from my own desire to have a single place to see all my relevant data. For example, I'm working with a todo manager, checking my calendar events or looking up the weather forecast. I also like to monitor stuff.

My personal goal is to have a dashboard with all the integrations I find useful to myself, but also create widgets other people might need. I also like to challenge myself technically with topics that I'm not familiar with.

This project is neither meant as a startup, nor do I have any plans to monetize it, yet. It might change in the future, but the project will remain open-source forever.

Features and improvements

Multi-board support

Currently, only one fixed board can be used. Adding more boards to be able to switch between multiple views would be great. Automatically switching between the boards after x seconds might be a nice addition.

Accounts support

All data is being stored on the user's device. This is really nice from privacy perspective, but inconvenient for syncing between devices.

Custom widget color

Changing the (background) color of each widget would be a nice personalization feature. Either the UI offers a selection of colors, or any possible color is allowed (color picker). The second solution requires a good foreground color handling to ensure a sufficient contrast ratio.

Widget ideas

Here's a list of rough widget ideas and integrations. They may or may not be implemented in the future.

Many more integrations ideas can be found in other products, e.g.:

Out of scope

  • Twitter integration
    • A Twitter Stats widget was one of the first widgets in this dashboard project. Since February 2023, the access to the Twitter API is no longer free. Even if a free tier is introduced one day, Musk irreversibly lost any trust to use his platform.