# Dashboard

# Project status

The project is under active development. While it is live (opens new window) already, I consider the status late alpha due to possible changes and the minimal amount of widgets.

# Goal

The goal of this project is a fully customizable and extendable dashboard, with modules like clock, weather, todo tasks, bookmarks, calendar, etc. The user should be able to view all important information on a single page.

  • Create a browser start page with some common widgets.
  • Display company-related information on TVs around the office.
  • Display marketing information at an exhibition stand.
  • Brainstorm ideas using notes and images.
  • Monitor systems to ensure their availability and efficiency.
  • Visualize your Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
  • Create a life engine (opens new window).

Usually, I wait for a MVP before releasing a project. This project is being developed in public from Day 1. I document my progress and (knowledge) insights in the blog (opens new window), while the changelog (opens new window) describes the actual project features.

The current state of the project is available at dashboard.darekkay.com (opens new window).

# Motivation

Why build yet another dashboard app?

Most popular apps are neither open-source nor customizable to a degree I'd like it to be. Additionally, most open-source projects seem to be outdated.

A new project is also a great opportunity to learn new concepts.

# Features

  • ☑ 17 widgets as of July 2021.
  • ☑ Themes support. Because no one will bat an eye without a Dark Mode™.
  • ☑ Multi-language support (English, German and French already provided).

# Contribution

Contributions are always welcome, no matter how large or small. Before contributing, please read the Code of Conduct (opens new window). When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via GitHub Issue (opens new window) or join our community chat on Gitter (opens new window).

To get started with the project code, please read the development documentation.

# License

This project and its contents are open source under the MIT license.