# Dashboard

# Goal

The goal of this project is a fully customizable and extendable dashboard, with modules like clock, weather, todo tasks, bookmarks, calendar, etc. The user should be able to view all important information on a single page.

  • Create a browser start page with some common widgets.
  • Create public information displays.
  • Display company-related information on TVs around the office.
  • Display marketing information at an exhibition stand.
  • Brainstorm ideas using notes and images.
  • Monitor systems to ensure their availability and efficiency.
  • Visualize your Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Usually, I wait for a MVP before releasing a project. This project is being developed in public(opens new window) from Day 1. I document my progress and (knowledge) insights in the blog, while the changelog describes the actual project features.

The current state of the project is available at dashboard.darekkay.com(opens new window) .

# Motivation

Why build yet another dashboard app?

Most popular apps are neither open-source nor customizable to a degree I'd like it to be. Additionally, most open-source projects seem to be outdated.

A new project is also a great opportunity to learn new concepts.

# Features

  • ☑ Themes support. Because noone will bat an eye without a Dark Mode™.
  • ☑ Multi-language support (English and German already provided).

# Widgets

All available widgets and widget ideas are listed here.

# Contribution

All contributors are highly welcome. If you want to collaborate on this project, just give me a note or create a GitHub Issue(opens new window) .

View the development documentation for more information.

# License

This project and its contents are open source under the MIT license.