# 2019-11-03 (1.0.11)

# Features

A new button in the settings modal makes it possible to delete all user data. This is especially useful in the early stage of development, as the main data schema may still change regularly.

# Documentation

The project documentation is now hosted on my own domain (opens new window). The GitHub Markdown preview is nice (and can still be used), but a separate site has some advantages:

There are so many documentation platforms, and I've spent way too much time finding the right one. Docusaurus (opens new window) seemed like the best solution, even with first-class support for a blog. But the configuration is tricky and the folder structure inconvenient. Some other static site generators did not support simple relative links, like [link](docs/README.md). In the end, I went with VuePress (opens new window), which offers almost everything that I need out of the box. The RSS part is based on an unofficial plugin that I have customized to my needs.

The documentation itself is an ongoing work in progress, especially for the Widget section.

# Dependencies

When doing my regular dependency update, I was pleasantly surprised:

  1. redux-starter-kit (opens new window) 1.0 was released. Among the changes, createAction now allows defining custom types, leading to a better TypeScript integration.
  2. react-grid-layout (opens new window), the library I am using for the dashboard grid, got the first updates since 1.5 years.

Unfortunately, I experienced a strange issue (opens new window), which crashed the application. The core issue was easy to identify and fix: React props are mutated in react-grid-layout, which is never a good idea. But this code hasn't changed in a while. So what caused the issue to emerge now? As I have updated a lot of libraries, it took a while to find the responsible library. In the end it was the immer (opens new window) dependency update in redux-starter-kit, which freezes the state, leading to the react-grid-layout bug becoming visible.