2019-09-21 (1.0.8)

Every widget can now be removed from the Dashboard. The last missing part of personalization is a settings dialog, so the user can select another search engine for example.

As I had previously copied the Button component from my other projects, it did not follow the new CSS variable approach to support different themes. The migration was not as trivial, because I could not use the darken and transparentize SCSS functions with CSS variables anymore. Converting the colors into HSL made the transition easier, though. Now Dashboard support different Button colors for the light and dark themes.

Now that travis-ci.comopen in new window supports open source projects, I've migrated all my projects from travis-ci.org. The GitHub integration automatically checks each commit and PR and submits a reportopen in new window directly on GitHub. I've also played around with the new GitHub Actionsopen in new window after getting into the Beta. While it's quite powerful, I still prefer Travis CI and GitLab CI due to the native yarn support.